Asylum Seeker from Rwanda

I wish to thank you and all the persons who work and live at the Scalabrini Centre for Immigrants. The reason why I am writing this letter is so that all who are interested would know the quality of your services towards the people you are caring for and how they are treated with honor and respect… thank you for this heart God has given to you, your spouse and your staff. The concern you had renewing my ID is marked by me and my friends, who saw it happen.

Remember sir, the day I was discharged, two ladies came to thank you because what you did for me was so touching. Even my son and my extended family understood this and they have sent you words of gratitude, through me. You deserve a cow (it is considered a gift of honor in many countries of Africa).

With much love, thank you very much.
Mrs. Esther

Asylum Seeker from Colombia

I arrived in Montréal as a refugee. I didn't speak English nor French. But at the Scalabrini Center I found a warm welcome, companionship, spiritual and moral support. I felt at home at the Center as in my own country. With all the staff, I found a family in this beautiful city. May God continue blessing this marvelous work so you will keep bearing fruits.
Nelly Ruby

An Immigrant from Iran

Just four days after my arrival in Montreal, I went to a center for Asian women and they introduced me to the Scalabrini Center. When I visited the house I found it calm, clean and safe, which was a residence for women. I moved there very soon afterward. The first morning after my arrival at the house, I started to become familiar with the house and the people. A very nice and kind young lady, who later I found out was a nun, showed me around the house and to my great surprise I found a church in the back part of the house: Saint Rita church. I knelt down in deep appreciation.

As a Muslim girl I have always loved Jesus Christ and even I used to carry a cross with me and at that moment I really felt that all my love and respect for Jesus Christ and his holy mother has been received by them and God was answering me in this way. In the following days the administrators and residents became my family and friends and after a few days I started my French classes in the same building.

Now after five months of living at this house, I have finished all the official procedures of immigration and I am completing learning my French to start work very soon.

I thank God for my peaceful, comfortable, safe and secure residence and lovely people around me and this situation which gave me a good opportunity to start my integration process in my new society without any stress, pressures or problems.

I deeply appreciate the assistance of the Scalabrini Center, which provides an open welcome to newcomers and strangers.. a very necessary help for the ones who do not have any real local information… indeed, the very same thing that the holy family appreciated in their travel to Egypt where they were strangers.