A welcoming home to over 70% of those born abroad and present in Quebec, Montreal is a very cosmopolitan city.

Back on March 12, 2001 a handful of customers, aided by the congregation of the Missionaries Scalabrinians have decided to revive a closed church in Ahuntsic. Fifteen years later, this is a place full of life and activity that is discovered under this roof. This is indeed a miracle that with a little funding the Centre managed to roll-out a computer center, a legal clinic, a donation center, bazaars, language courses (French, English, Spanish and Italian ) and the Community shelter for immigrant women.

With nearly Herculean efforts of the small team of Scalabrini Centre, more than 2,000 immigrants annually develop a better understanding of their new environment.

Over the years, the volunteers, team workers, the founding members, the Board and myself as CEO, saw thousands of people rebuild their lives in Quebec and build successful careers. Architects, engineers, doctors, nurses, small business owners and even employees are all professionals now exercised by the former members of the Scalabrini Centre of Montreal.

Miguel Arévalo
General Manager