The mission of the Community Servises for Refugees and Immigrants is to help immigrants and refugees in the Montreal area adapt, settle and integrate into the host society. This mission is based on human value, cooperation and mutual respect of the person.


Our vision is to become a humanitarian pillar in the field of migration reception. We respond to the needs of immigrants in a real and tangible way by helping them integrate into the educational, social and productive system of the host society. We also use this leadership in promoting, understanding, dialogue and bringing together members of the cultural communities and the host society.

We are inspired by the principles of love and help for the needy. We believe that respect for the human rights of refugees and immigrants is necessary.


  • Support and encourage asylum seekers to take charge of their own immigration process in order to obtain refugee status or to become permanent residents.
  • Provide immigrants and accepted refugees all the resources they need to enter the work force, through workshops.
  • Develop helpful programs for immigrants and accepted refugees in the areas of lodging, education, healthcare, etc.
  • Encourage learning and the promotion of the French language and of career training for newcomers.
  • Create an ambience of social and cultural sharing to assist newcomers in dealing with all the problems of integration and immigration they may encounter.

Principles, Values and Ethics

We are inspired in the principles of love and helping the needy. We consider that it is of vital importance to respect the fundamental rights of the immigrant and refugee.